According to a report, 500 million new users may start using cryptocurrencies by 2030.

Over time, cryptocurrency’s popularity has soared. Crypto has gone a long way from a position of skepticism to one where acceptability among individuals has increased.

Adoption has been steadily increasing. The increase of consumers investing in cryptocurrencies has made this apparent. What will the scenario look like in eight years from now, in 2022?

Will digital assets become mainstream and will cryptocurrencies revolutionize the payment system? That has to be explored and involves a number of important factors to consider. However, a recent analysis by an economist provides an estimate of how the user base for cryptocurrencies would increase by 2030.

500 million additional users might come to cryptocurrency.

Alex Krüge published a study on the future of investing and its user base based on the facts and information gathered by him. According to his research, by 2030, cryptocurrencies might draw 500 million new customers. The consumers probably fall into the middle- and high-income brackets.

According to the estimate, there will be an additional 500 million more users by the year 2040. According to estimates, the numbers will rise by 44%. Within the following 20 years, that would amount to more than a million individuals. The fastest-growing regions, according to him, are Asia and Africa.

Since yesterday, there has been a significant surge on the cryptocurrency market. It’s unknown what inspired this rally in particular. Many assert that it is in preparation for the merger, which is expected to take place at any point in the next days.

Over the past week, both BTC and ETH have performed admirably. BTC and ETH prices have increased over 9.8% and 14% over the past week, respectively. At the moment, BTC is worth $21,677 and ETH is about $1,772.

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