The Power of $MIT-Metaverse Decision Token.

MiVote Technology:

MiVote Technology (MT) is the world’s first to create metaverse platform for global communities to govern, lead, make decisions, self express, share ownership, share interest and incentivize.

To create the next generation of social technology, we started a platform for making decisions and tools for making campaigns.

Our platform brings together the communities and the people who have a stake in it. By changing the model of community engagement permanently, we are going beyond the current model of governance in all industries.

We’re giving democratic tools to communities where they can share information, be transparent, and be held accountable for their decisions. This will change the way democracy works in all sectors.


MiVote Technology makes it easier to reach a consensus and makes decisions better, especially at the level of large international corporations.

It also created the MiToken Platform as well as the MiVote Citizenry Platform. These platforms are powered by MiMeta’s community engagement tools and broadcasting mobile application.

MiVote Technology for businesses and governments:

Online visibility to attract new customers. This is how:

-MiMeta Free tools on the MiToken Platform can be used to boost your online visibility.

-Establish a Page or profile for your company.

-Launch your company in MiMeta’s broadcasting platform.

-Access to MiMeta’s NFT marketplace.

-Use posts and stories to interact with your fans.

-Through MiMeta advertisement tools, you connect with clients and company owners in groups, meet new clients, identify markets for your business and boost your revenue or acquire more clients.

-Launch marketing campaign, survey, feedback and members and shareholders voting.

-Issue digital assets for fundraising campaign.

-Action buttons can be used to invite customers to chat, invite donors and give reward and loyalty points to your community.

-Offer automated customer service.

-Closing sales with customers 1-on-1.

MiMeta App: What are its features?

-Create Account

-Setup your wallet

-Setup Your $MIT Wallet and NFT Wallet

-share multimedia content

-Sell Merchandises

-Buy Merchandises


-Setup Your NFT Marketplace

-Community Voting

What is MiToken Platform?

“Empowering Social. Engaging Communities. Ensuring Transparency.”

The only thing that the MiToken Platform does is work with NFTs, from voting to buying digital assets and fan tokens. By giving them NFT voting tokens, the platform gives community members ownership rights in their own communities.

It’s a new way to get their voices heard in their community.

Communities create and manage any kind of organization of their choice in the MiMeta NFT based on DAO platform.

In addition, MiToken Platform empowers communities with social networking and broadcasting mobile applications in both iOS and Android.

MiMeta NFT DAOs and MiVote Citizenry Platform are decentralized because they run on a decentralized infrastructure, which is a public, permission less blockchain that can’t be taken over by a State or another part.

The Power of $MIT:

$MIT is an exclusive digital currency for MiToken Platform.

In the MiToken Platform, $MIT helps mainstream consumers to find alternative ways to pay for blockchain-backed products.

$MIT is a currency option for MiMeta DeFi and MiVote Citizenry platforms that sells blockchain-backed products and services.

$MIT gives communities digital assets and tools based on the blockchain that helps them connect with their audience including making money.

Become a $MIT community:

-$MIT supported NFT marketplace.

-$MIT supported fan token exchange.

-$MIT supported Web3 wallet.

What is the relation that joins MiVote and democracy together?

A new perspective. A new solution.

MiVote is an online ecosystem that empowers voters to make the best decisions for themselves through every issue, anytime. As a result, the community’s independent candidate takes the majority opinion to the top. This fuels direct democratic change the way your community votes as the way your representative votes in government.

How to vote?

A MiVoter (that’s you) will get content that is unbiased, well-referenced, and easy to understand. We give the argument in the best way possible, so you can take in as much as you want. Every member of the community who is eligible to vote gets one vote and each vote counts the same.

Our dedication to fairness runs deep. Because we use blockchain technology, our system can’t be changed. Independent candidates must agree to uphold our values in government if they want to run for office. We’re not out to make money neither to care about parties nor take money from businesses.

Why should I sign up for MiVote?

MiVote is a new type of direct democracy utilizing the MiToken platform ecosystem.

The MiToken platform has rebuilt MiVote as a community driven organization. This means that MiVote is a decentralized platform for communities to collaborate and provide voting destinations for broad constituencies across the globe.

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