Lingose will Soon Be Listed on OKX, Bybit and Bitget Exchanges.

The simultaneous listing of Lingose on the OKX, Bybit, and Bitget exchanges has sparked passionate debate in the community. While some individuals are actively involved in the ecological building of lingose, others are left wondering, why is it lingose? This post will thoroughly examine Lingose so that more people may comprehend the project.

First and foremost, we need to understand what Lingose does.
Lingose intends to build a blockchain-based Game ID system that gives qualification evidence by collecting users’ on-chain activities. Users’ every step and success in the chain game will become their own value reflection, allowing them to better establish their own web3 identity brand.

As we can see, Lingose begins in the gaming business and enables users to create their own DIDs. Then mine and assign user behavior values based on game behavior. In this regard, the project has identified the value of online behavior that was before unvalued by people but is now extremely significant, and it is nicely integrated with blockchain technology. The ecosystem will continue to expand as more individuals join. As the project grows in scope, its worth will climb in the future.

The Lingose Product System
Unlike other projects, Lingose communicates with users often, and people are heavily engaged in it. Lingose has created a number of product systems to allow the recording of users’ online actions in order to provide a better experience for consumers. So far, the following features have been observed: Lingose ID, user behavior collection system, experience points, POP, and reputation system. Users may depend on their own gaming behavior to fulfill the tasks specified on the homepage after signing into Lingose’s official website, and then the official will reward you. Individuals’ online behaviors based on games may be precisely documented with this technology, enabling users to develop their own game identity brand on web3.

Tokens and the Economic System
The most significant aspect of a blockchain project is often the business model. The dual NFT Plus dual token paradigm is used by Lingose. This mode is unique to the project and makes for an intriguing environment. Dual NFT gives users alternative rights and capabilities, encouraging individuals to engage more actively in ecological creation. One is the ecology’s internal token LGT, while the other is the token LING representing the overall ecological architecture. The twin currencies serve their separate purposes, allowing Lingose’s environment to flourish.

The preceding discussion is on the project itself. We can see that Lingose is pretty novel in terms of idea and design. The whole endeavor is invigorating, yet it is pretty simple to get started. This is all due to the team’s extensive knowledge of the sector. The team’s goods are suited for the great majority of people, allowing everyone to engage in the project.

Lingose has released Ethereum, the BNB chain, the OKC chain, and Polygon. Lingose plans to offer other public chain platforms in the future.

Lingose has worked with 42 game publishers on 67 projects. More than one million people have been reached, the community has grown to over 256,000 members, and the chain now contains over 42,000 independent addresses. The number of platform users is continually increasing.

Looking at the whole web3 globe, Lingose’s notion is also the most appreciated DID (Decentralized Identity System). Data privacy problems have recently emerged as a major industry concern. Based on this, it has become a tendency in the web 3.0 age to ascribe personal identity material to users directly, so that individuals have control of their own identity data. It is derived and derived from the traditional centralized identity as a new identity, which refers to the disintermediation, the ownership, control, and management rights of the digital identity fully owned by individuals or organizations, and this part of the rights are fully attributed to the users themselves.

Lingose is also interested in GameFi. Following the GameFi fire a few years ago, individuals have a better grasp of GameFi, and some active GameFi development has occurred. Lingose is likewise intrigued by the possibilities of GameFi, and DID’s Concept, and has chosen the path of chain tour. The whole chain gaming business will be connected through the Lingose system. Users are no longer restricted to a single game, and the whole chain gaming business may now be connected. Contributions from other games are tracked, and they are also high-quality users. Using Lingose may significantly lower the entry barrier for a new game, enabling the whole chain gaming business to function more smoothly.

Most significantly, Lingose has created a new universe by using blockchain technology to endow consumers with value, causing an industry-wide reflection on value. Because of Lingose, people’s blockchain thinking has started to awaken. Everyone has began to recognize that technical developments have provided them direct advantages that they had not before found. They have already benefited from technical advancements, and this advantage will grow with the actual introduction of web3. Individuals’ position and worth will be continually addressed and enhanced in the future, and everyone’s life will become better and better.

The fact that Lingose may log on to OKX, Bybit, and Bitget at the same time demonstrates the industry’s acknowledgment of the project, and Lingose remains Web3’s infrastructure. With the advancement of Web3, Lingose’s potential is limitless.

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