Ethereum Officially Enters the PoS Era, MEXC Is the First Exchange to Open ETHW Deposit.

On September 15, 2022, at 06:43 (UTC), Ethereum completed its merge at a block height of 15,537,393 and formally converted to the proof-of-stake consensus process. Ethereum then said goodbye to the seven-year proof-of-work (PoW) mining era.

Simultaneously, Ethereum hard split from Ethereum, keeping the PoW consensus. It has been actively launched for deposit and trade by many major trading platforms as the network token ETHW of the Ethereum split chain.

MEXC allowed ETHW deposits at 15:20 on September 15, making it the first cryptocurrency trading platform on the whole network to do so. According to the ETHW deposit computation, just 49 blocks are required to finish the deposit procedure, making it the quickest account deposit speed among trading platforms.

The current price of ETHW is 13.01 Tether (USDT), and the 24-hour trading volume is $74.05 million, according to CoinGecko statistics. In terms of trading volume, depth, and price difference, the comprehensive indicators of MEXC, FTX, and Bybit are in the top three among major trading platforms. The absolute value of the price difference between bid purchase and ask price on the ETHW trading page on MEXC is just 0.002, which is the lowest, and the trading volume and depth indicators perform better.

MEXC is not only the first platform to allow ETHW deposits in a single day, but it is also the first to declare its support for the Ethereum 2.0 mainnet Merge and the first to advertise Ethereum’s prospective split chain coins.

MEXC has been facilitating the trading of the “possible forked token ETHW” since August 5, according to the release. At the moment, the token may be traded for ETHW, the genuine Ethereum network token. Simultaneously, the genuine Ethereum network token ETHW earned outside of the trading platform may be placed on MEXC for trading purposes.

MEXC is widely regarded as a world-leading user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform, offering one-stop services for trading spot, leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs), perpetual futures, NFT Index, and other cryptocurrencies. MEXC, which has over 7 million members globally, is also the cryptocurrency trading platform with the quickest launch of popular projects on the network and the most tradable categories.

According to CoinGecko statistics, MEXC presently offers over 1,500 cryptocurrencies for spot trading, over 120 cryptocurrencies for futures trading, and over 300 cryptocurrencies for leveraged ETF trading.

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