PolkStation – One Stop for IDO/INO/IGO & Metaverse and Multi Defi Protocols.

Polkastation, which uses the Polkadot framework as its foundation, mixes multiple DeFi protocols, NFT minting, and a marketplace. Although early blockchains are useful for implementing decentralized applications, they have drawbacks such as a lack of run-time specialization and restricted throughput.

Polkastation wishes to provide a cutting-edge blockchain project and hence choose Polkadot, which connects numerous specialized chains into a single sharded network. Polkadot provides the highest returns in the market via a variety of items. These decentralized apps are more stable since they are deployed on Polkastation’s own blockchains.

PolkaStation Ecosystem Live Applications.

Polkastation’s swap enables the immediate exchange of two non-native tokens from two distinct blockchain protocols without the need of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead, smart contracts power decentralized activities. Users may also contribute liquidity to pools via Polkastation’s swap. In exchange for LP tokens, you may add your POLKA tokens to the liquidity pools. These LP tokens reflect your contribution to the increase of liquidity, for which you will be compensated.

NFT Area:
Polkastation features a complete NFT ecosystem that allows users to mint their artworks into NFTs, exhibit them on their creator profiles, and profit from them by selling them on the NFT marketplace. To make and sell NFTs in the Polkastation NFT marketplace, an artist account is required. When a buyer bids on your NFTs in an auction, the order is stacked in the order book and executed. Polkastation eliminates the need for your NFTs to remain idle in wallets. Polkastaion enables users to stake their NFTs in return for staking incentives. As a result, you may receive additional benefits for your NFTs while remaining the owner.

The Polkastation AMM engine removes the need for middlemen to carry out farm-based exchanges. Instead, liquidity providers contribute LP tokens to investment pools and profit from yield farming. Polkastation holds the money of investors to increase liquidity and make an asset a profitable transaction. Yield farming is the time in which a liquidity provider waits for the asset’s price to rise.

Staking Pools for IDO:
The Polkastation IDO staking pool is the most convenient method to earn extra POLKAS tokens. You may bet POLKAS and earn POLKAS in two distinct pools. The first POLKAS-POLKAS pool has a 30-day lock-in term and a 30% APR, while the second pool has a 60-day lock-in period and a 50% APR.

Polkastation provides two distinct fundraising techniques, the INO and the IDO. Initial NFT Offerings assists projects with unique ideas in reaching a larger and more current web3 community. It enables projects to raise funding with seamless access to rapid liquidity before they are market-ready. After the vetting scheduling procedure, the projects may run IDO on Polkastation. They may set a fixed price for their project tokens, and Polkastation lets customers to lock their cash in exchange for the tokens. During the token creation event, Polkastation then distributes the tokens to investors using smart contracts (TGE).

Aggregator of Yields:
With hundreds of yield farms hitting the market every day, it’s difficult to keep track of the best-performing ones. If that’s the case, we can hunt down a handful; they’re not all accessible from a single location. Polkstation has created a Yield Aggregator to aggregate numerous best-performing farms in a single location. Polkastation seeks production optimization and obtains farms in the market to assist its community members in increasing yield.

PolkaStation (POLKAS) is a Binance smart chain Bep20 token primarily focused on giving holders with long-term holding advantages via staking, an investment opportunity in their foundation, and a meaningful use case for the whole ecosystem.

0x81402bdf885a930ccf2175b66fbd435486b33f69 Token Contract
BSC chain is a blockchain.
Total Supply: 50,000,000
Maximum Supply: 50,000,000
There are no purchase or sale fees.

PolkaStation Team has undergone KYC verification by CyberScope and SmarContract audits by Coinsult, Solidproof, and Cyberscope.

Pinksale Platform Liquidity Locking: 5 Years

Locking Team Tokens: 2 Years in Pinksale Platform

The PolkaStation Private Sale will get off on September 24th and will be held on our Private Sale LaunchStation.

Bonus Structure: Participants in the private sale will save up to 20% on the public sale (Pink Sale) pricing and 32% on the initial swap listing price of POLKAS Token.

Private Sale Vesting: 50% Unlocked on TGE, with the remaining 50% Unlocked on NOV 7th 16 UTC.
100 BNB hard cap
Soft limit: 50 BNB
Link to PrivateSale
PolkaStation will have a public auction on October 1st at the well-known launchpad Pinksale. Trading will begin when the public auction concludes.
1000 BNB hard cap
510 BNB is the softcap.
Token vesting: There is no pre-sale token vesting schedule.

Bonus Structure: Those who engage in the Pink Sale platform’s public sale will get a 15% discount on the pancake swap listing price of POLKAS Token.

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