Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection, created by Riot and Blizzard veterans, is now available to purchase on Rarible.

The “Sparkadia Origin Collection” has been released by Worldspark Studios, the firm that created Sparkadia. This initial set of NFTs went live on Rarible and TokenTrove on September 20, 2022, powered by Immutable X.

Sparkadia: What is it?

“A central hub environment where players can hop between each game to watch their characters and storylines come to life,” describes Sparkadia as a “interconnected ecosystem of AAA-level games.” Instead of using the trendy term “metaverse,” Worldspark refers to its hub-and-spoke design as a “arcade,” referring to their hub world as just the arcade’s lobby.

Every one of their games functions as a figurative arcade machine. Giving individuals a genuine incentive to visit this virtual location is the aim in order to encourage them to fully immerse themselves in Sparkadia and express their virtual self through the games they play there.

Early Gameplay of Edenbrawl

Edenbrawl, the debut title from Sparkadia, is a frantic mashup that has been compared to “League of Legends meets Rocket League” by many. The development team believes that Edenbrawl’s biggest strength is the fact that it is currently entirely playable and that early reviews from guilds, influencers, and content producers in the industry have been overwhelmingly favorable. Although the game is not yet accessible to the general public, you may see early gameplay videos and recorded play sessions on Youtube.

Gaming without Blockchain, not Gaming with Blockchain

The idea of Sparkadia is to create genuinely enjoyable games that are supported by blockchain rather than being driven by it. They think that teaching players about the advantages of asset ownership and interconnectivity—rather than making money through Web3 games—will lead to mainstream adoption. As a result, they have boldly claimed that neither assets or NFTs in their debut game, Edenbrawl, have any bearing on gameplay, i.e., there are no pay-to-win components.

Additionally, they have said that they do not support any passive income or yield creation assets since they believe that players will come because they love playing the games and that enjoyment itself serves a greater purpose for users than any prospective financial gain. On their whitepaper, which is available here, they provide further details about their economic approach.

The Origin NFT Collection by Sparkadia

When all 8 of their “Hero” NFTs from their Origin collection are acquired, the Sparkadian ecology will get significant benefits. For optimum benefits, including a special in-game trophy, improved in-game revenue generation, and even discounts on their future purchases, collectors are encouraged to complete the set.

The Worldspark team was eager to share its game with the world despite the market downturn. Prior to the announcement of their sale one month ago, they had no community presence. Since then, they have had an explosive rise in their following on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

The deal is now active, and Rarible is where you may buy NFTs.

Worldspark Studios’s premise

Worldspark Studios is a remote game production firm with the single goal of energizing audiences and empowering everyone to discover and harness their own individual spark via immersive experiences that make the world a little bit brighter. The company’s objective is to make a world where gamers are happier and healthier than they were when they first logged in, to put it simply.

A large portion of the development of well-known games like Destiny 2, Halo, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, Heroes of the Storm, and many more was done by their staff of AAA veterans. Visit Sparkadia for complete collection information.

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