Web3 gaming console from Zilliqa unveiled; ready to take on Xbox and PlayStation?

With the announcement of the release of its own Web3 gaming system, Zilliqa appears prepared to enter a market dominated by PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The future console will include a variety of features that will let users play games while also mining ZIL, the network native coin.

Early in September, Zilliqa made a launch announcement for Web3 War, their first blockchain game. A crucial step in developing ZIL’s ecosystem, the First Person Shooter (FPS) and console are a part of a bigger plan to profit from the rising popularity of blockchain games.

With New Console, Zilliqa Tries To Enter PlayStation And Steam’s Domains

The video game consoles will be available for pre-order in early 2023, according to a Venture Beat story. The gaming hub, the console’s centerpiece feature, will then start its testing phase.

The game console will also provide customers access to a native Web3 wallet in addition to this capability. These features, together with a dedicated market for exchanging in-game goods and the potential for earning prizes, have been combined to compete with Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

The largest gaming marketplace in the industry, Steam, enables users to buy games, participate in discussions, exchange products, earn exclusive accessories, and more. With its future game console, Zilliqa will try to further these functionalities.

By enabling these participants to generate ZIL tokens, one of the key goals will be to attract non-crypto users to the ecosystem and boost network decentralization. Users will be able to possess the native token in this way without having to buy new hardware, allowing them to stake it and receive further incentives.

Regarding their future console and how it would compete with some of the greatest names in the gaming industry while luring non-crypto users to its ecosystem, Valentin Cobelea, head of gaming technology at Zilliqa, stated the following:

With the help of Zilliqa’s hardware console and gaming center, non-crypto users will be able to make money while having fun without having to worry about managing their earned cryptocurrency. The console and gaming hub will debut early in 2019 with two Zilliqa games, followed by further titles from a range of developers. We are certain that with the support of the sizable crypto community on Zilliqa and the user-friendly infrastructure, we can establish ourselves as the Steam of Web3 games.

Price of ZIL Reacts to the News

The future Zilliqa system is seen in the graphic below, which is similar to several of the consoles PlayStation and Microsoft have previously supplied. The Web3 console will provide customers a number of ports, internet access, and other functionality, similar to the hardware. Cobelea also said

We received a fantastic reception from the gaming community when we revealed our debut game at Gamescom, and we’re thrilled to inform that it was only the beginning.

Deep down, COO will replace him.

The price of ZIL appears to be responding well to the announcement as of this writing. With a 4.5% gain over the previous 24 hours, the token is currently trading in the green.

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