Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Lists on Bitmart Exchange, Set to Become The Sandbox of Cardano.

Cardalonia is pleased to announce its second exchange listing on Bitmart Exchange, a Coinmarketcap top 30 cryptocurrency exchange. The $LONIA coin may be freely traded on Bitmart under the LONIA/USDT ticker.

The $LONIA utility token earlier gained its maiden exchange listing on P2pb2b, another rapidly developing cryptocurrency exchange.

Presale of Cardalonia Land:

Cardalonia has also announced the initial land presale of Cardalonia Metaverse Land Parcels, which will be available exclusively to whitelisted $LONIA token holders who staked their tokens in the Cardalonia Non-custodial staking vault before the October snapshot in order to be whitelisted for the Cardalonia Land Pre-sale.

Over 250 wallets have been whitelisted to participate in the forthcoming land sales, which is set to begin on October 3rd, 2022, after the October staking snapshot.

Cardalonia LAND is a one-of-a-kind NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

You may also rent your Land in return for $LONIA tokens, the Cardalonia ecosystem’s metaverse currency with a variety of services and features, some of which will be made public after the Vasil hard fork.

More information on Cardalonia Land may be found here.

Token Utility $LONIA:

$LONIA, the Cardalonia metaverse utility token, will have a variety of functions, including:

Staking: Stake your $LONIA tokens in the Cardalonia staking vault and earn up to 20% APY without ever having your tokens leave your wallet. Cardalonia token staking operates similarly to ADA staking in that it is a permissionless staking system (Earn staking rewards without your tokens leaving your wallet).

Land Presale: $LONIA token holders who have an active holding of more than 7000 $LONIA tokens will get first dibs on the Cardalonia Land presale.

Governance: In the future, $LONIA token stakers with an active stake key on the staking leaderboard will be able to make and vote on governance ideas.

Transaction Costs: Following the Vasil hard fork, users will be able to pay transaction fees in $LONIA rather than ADA, thanks to the babel fees system.

Increasing ISPO Rewards: Cardalonia ISPO, which will begin following the Land presale. Users that stake ADA in the $LONIA ISPO pool (Ticker: LONIA) may increase their ISPO payouts by using either the $LONIA token or Cardalonia Land.

What Exactly Is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia is a 3D virtual reality Metaverse that runs on the Cardano Blockchain and has the ability to deliver a variety of services to users across its ecosystem.

The Cardalonia Map will allow Terrania landholders to claim and personalize their Terrania land plots following the land auctions.

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