Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection Built by Riot & Blizzard Veterans Now Available to Buy on Rarible.

The “Sparkadia Origin Collection” has been introduced by Worldspark Studios, the firm behind Sparkadia. This inaugural collection of NFTs, powered by Immutable X, went online on Rarible and TokenTrove on September 20th, 2022.

What Exactly Is Sparkadia?
Sparkadia is described as a “interconnected ecosystem of AAA-level games linked by a single hub environment where players may travel between games to witness their characters and storylines come to life.” Worldspark refers to this hub-and-spoke arrangement as a “arcade,” avoiding the metaverse jargon and instead referring to their hub world as the arcade lobby.

Each of their games is a metaphor for an arcade machine. The idea is to offer individuals a reason to visit this virtual world, with the goal of having users completely immerse themselves in Sparkadia and express their virtual identity via the games they play inside it.

Early Gameplay in Edenbrawl
Edenbrawl, Sparkadia’s debut game, is a frenzied mix that many describe as “League of Legends meets Rocket League.” Edenbrawl is already fully playable, according to the developers, and early reaction from influencers, content makers, and guilds in the sector has been extremely favorable. While the game is not yet accessible to the public, early gameplay video and recorded play sessions may be seen on YouTube.

Blockchain gaming, not Blockchain gaming Gaming
The notion for really engaging games that are enabled by blockchain rather being driven by it is central to Sparkadia’s goal. They think that teaching players on the advantages of asset ownership and interconnection will lead to broad adoption rather than collecting money through Web3 games. To that aim, they’ve said proudly that no assets or NFTs in their debut game Edenbrawl impact gameplay, implying that there are no pay-to-win components.

Furthermore, they have said that they would not support any passive income or yield production assets, thinking that players will come because they like playing the games and that the intrinsic value of enjoyment is more important to players than prospective earnings. More detail about their economic model can be found in their whitepaper, which can be accessed here.

The Origin NFT Collection by Sparkadia
Their Origin collection consists of eight unique ‘Hero’ NFTs that, when complete, deliver sweeping benefits throughout the Sparkadian ecosystem. Collectors are urged to collect the whole set for the most benefits, which include a unique in-game trophy, greater in-game money production, and even discounts on future sales.

Despite the weak market, the Worldspark team was eager to share their game with the rest of the globe. They had no community presence previous to the announcement of their sale a month ago, but they’ve since surged in growth, significantly increasing their following on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

The sale has begun, and the NFTs may now be bought at Rarible.

Worldspark Studios Information
Worldspark Studios is a remote game production firm with the solitary mission of lighting the world a bit brighter via immersive experiences that inspire viewers to uncover and use their own unique spark. Simply expressed, the company’s mission is to create an environment in which participants are happier and healthier than when they arrived.

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