Supermoon Camp & The Web3 Gallery Presents the Largest Networking Event During Mainnet.

Supermoon Camp returns to New York with the Mainnet VC Gala on September 23rd at the Web3 Gallery in the center of the city. Taking place in conjunction with Messari Mainnet Week, Supermoon brings together top-tier executives, innovative innovators, and venture capitalists for an exclusive networking banquet near Bryant Park.

Share the most recent industry developments and trends with industry thought leaders. This private invite-only event will begin at 7 p.m. and will go until 10 p.m., bringing together 300 crypto and web3 experts.

Through an exclusive community of blockchain innovators, enthusiasts, and high-impact networking events, Supermoon Camp assists professionals in developing true and enduring partnerships.

is the world’s first crypto, metaverse, web3 gaming, and NFT experience, and it is quickly becoming a Web3 innovation center.

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