Liverpool FC and Sorare extend their partnership in NFT fantasy sports.

A Sorare NFT’s average sale price fell from a peak of $280 in March of last year to just $86.15 in August.

By beginning a partnership with the French blockchain-based sports firm Sorare, Liverpool Football Club is sinking its toes even deeper into the cryptocurrency world.

Fantasy sports games run by team players are used by Sorare, which distributes digital mementos in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens. The sale of authorized virtual sports cards, which players may use to assemble teams that are subsequently pitted against one another, is the central feature of the online sports game.

Sorare has asserted that she has had a unique, multi-year partnership with Liverpool to create fan-focused material and events. The non-fungible tokens used for trading are the cards selected for the games (NFTs).

The recent agreement will provide access to Liverpool stadium excursions, match day experiences, and the delivery of restricted video material as prizes for online game victors. The previous Blockchain project with Liverpool featured the distribution of special cards on the Sorare platform.

Ben Latty, the commercial director for Liverpool FC, claims that the team always strives to enhance the fan experience and make them feel as involved with the team as possible.

The next milestone for Sorare, which now has more than 2 million clients worldwide and 280 partner sports leagues, including La Liga, the Bundesliga, Series A, and Major League Baseball, is the strengthening of Liverpool’s relations with the company.

A Sorare NFT’s average sale price fell from a peak of $280 in March of last year to just $86.15 in August.

Despite this, the anti-gambling authorities and watchdogs in Britain are concerned about whether the Sorare games are getting too close to gambling. The game does not resemble any type of gambling, according to corporate sources, and professional legal opinions have also confirmed that consumers are not at danger.

Basketball enthusiasts have also shown a lot of interest in the NFT trading cards. NBA has followed suit by releasing its own line of digital memorabilia that change according on a player’s performance over the course of a given season.

After raising $680 million in a series B fundraising round to lift its projected worth to $4.3 billion, Sorare announced the news a year later. From 5.1 billion euros in 2021 to over 10 billion euros in 2022, venture capital companies’ tendency of funding French startups has increased by a factor of two.

Recently, Sorare also entered into a multi-year agreement with the Argentinian Football Association. Famous French football player Kylian Mbappe joined the organization as a social impact partner and brand ambassador a few months ago.

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