A Suggestion Tweet From Google Cloud Causes Solana’s SOL to Rise 15%.

An hour before exposing what it was doing with Solana, Google Cloud tweeted, “Should we inform our followers the big news?

After Google Cloud tagged the co-founder of the blockchain in a tweet that hinted at a significant revelation, the SOL native token for Solana saw a 15% increase.

The following was tweeted by Google Cloud an hour later, after SOL had leaped: “Now that we have your attention… watch this out: Google Cloud is running a block-producing @solana validator to participate in and validate the network.”

It raises the question of whether it’s acceptable to artificially inflate the price of an asset with characteristics of a security, despite the fact that such a vague but market-moving statement may not legally violate financial rules.
Solana is undergoing an infrastructure upgrade under the direction of Jump Crypto. Solana has so far failed to live up to the expectations that it is an industrial-grade blockchain well-suited for contemporary finance.

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