Something “BIG” is on the Way! The Big Crypto Game’s Release Date has been announced by Crypto Games Agency.

The newest Play-to-Earn game from Crypto Games Agency, Big Crypto Game, will debut on the BSC Network on November 23 following the wildly successful launches of their first three games.

In August of last year, a community survey revealed a sizable desire for not just one game (Crypto Legions V3) but two (Big Crypto Game). The option of having both launch simultaneously but with different economic and strategic systems was put forth. To rank among the top BSC Network Play-to-Earn games, Crypto Games Agency’s creator, Danny H, says,

No other profitable Play-to-Earn game on the BSC Network offers eight exclusive Play-to-Earn features that Crypto Games Agency has created.

Following the introduction of the game, PancakeSwap users will be able to swap the Crypto ($CRYPTO) token from Big Crypto Game. The total supply of tokens is 5,000,000.

The Big Crypto Game is described by the Crypto Games Agency.
Lead Developer for the company stated in an exclusive interview,

“We’re quite eager for the Big Crypto Game to begin soon. The success of Crypto Legions and the enormous volume it has created have shown us how well-liked our games are. We are confident that Big Crypto Game will live up to its name, and we are eager to share with the community our impressive marketing strategies.

Taking into account comments from the public in August, Danny continues,

“The economic system has undergone some significant adjustments, which have increased the potential for players, merchants, referrals, and investors to make large sums of money. Furthermore, given the high demand for our game among P2E gamers and investors, we anticipate great success for both the token launch and the game.

Crypto Games Agency information
The Play-to-Earn gaming experts at Crypto Games Agency are committed to providing the greatest P2E development and outcomes. They continue to develop successful games and give anyone the ability to make their own turnkey play-to-earn game after producing a number of profitable ventures. Customers select the topic they want, and Crypto Games Agency creates a fully developed project with social media accounts, plot lines, visuals, tokens, marketing support, and help with the game’s debut. This developing company has a lot to look forward to in addition to supporting and enhancing their games.

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