In honor of the World Cup, Candy Club is offering a reward of 100,000 candy dollars.

Candy Club World Cup spectacular will turn up the heat during crypto winter and give crypto enthusiasts a much-needed reason to celebrate over the course of the next 28 days with over 100,000 candy-USDT in prizes.

During 100,000 Candy-USDT will be awarded to players who sign up and participate over the course of the four-week event in Qatar by Candy Club. This is the largest web3 prize pool to demonstrate cryptocurrency’s passion for the game, with bonuses offered for wager amounts, parlays, pick the winner, and more.

Candy Club will provide the most diverse and innovative World Cup wagering choices for the 64 games, including moneylines, totals, proposition bets, and world cup futures. Candy Club introduces the world of slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, blockchain gaming, and sports betting to football and gaming fans everywhere as a leading online social crypto gaming platform.

The biggest feature of Candy Club’s World Cup campaign is that the broadest range of ERC20/BEP20 tokens on the market may be used to place any bets. Players are no longer limited to placing wagers in BTC or ETH; instead, they can now use their cryptocurrencies to partake in the World Cup’s fun and excitement.

The option to use any ERC20 or BEP20 token also gives companies like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse that have utility tokens the option to add risk-free utility to their tokens and provide their communities with a much-needed token use case this crypto winter.

Candy Club’s president, David Barrantes, stated:

“Candy Club is making the cryptocurrency enthusiasts happy during this World Cup. Since we first launched Token2049, we have been working at crypto-speed to boost interest in all ERC20 & BEP20 projects’ tokens and provide a beacon of hope for all communities. This World Cup, where we want to recognize everyone who has been diamond handed during this crypto winter, amplifies that ray of optimism!

Please get in touch with our business development team if you want to use Candy Club to boost the utility of your ERC20 or BEP20 coin.

Regarding Candy Club
Candy Club is the first social crypto game platform in the world to support ERC20 or BEP20 utility token projects on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Candy Club extends the social gaming experience to more than 14,000 bitcoin projects and more than 73 million wallets while still being legally compliant and security-focused.

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