6,100 cryptocurrency ATMs will be installed in 2022, a figure that is three times lower than the previous year.

According to recent data, 6,100 automated teller machines for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were set up in the first eleven months of 2022. The most recent number is around three times lower than the number of ATMs that were put in place in 2021. According to the data, over 34,000 cryptocurrency ATMs—nearly 90% of all installed machines—are located in the United States.

Less ATMs will be installed in 2022
The number of automated teller machines (ATMs) for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have been deployed in the first eleven months of 2022 has decreased by almost 6,100, or nearly three times, according to data gathered by Crypto Presales. Contrasting with the sharp rise in new installations that was observed in 2021 is the apparent slowing in the number of newly installed ATMs.

According to the Crypto Presales report, with nearly 20,300 new machines installed, 2021 saw by far the most installations of bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs. The overall number of these ATMs reached 32,600 thanks to the high number of new installations that year.

In contrast, 2022 has been characterized by bears, the demise of Terra LUNA, UST, and most recently, FTX, and has seen a decrease in the number of ATMs deployed for the first time. According to the report:

Globally, there will be about 37,800 crypto ATMs by the middle of 2022. The amount grew further till it exceeded 38,800 in August. However, the total number of BTMs fell to 38,400 in September, marking the first time that number has decreased.

Nevertheless, the research showed that the number of installed ATMs has subsequently increased and was anticipated to be circling around 39,000 by mid-November 2022.

The United States is in charge.
Meanwhile, according to the statistics gathered by Crypto Presales, in 2022, the United States would be home to 90% of all installed cryptocurrency and bitcoin ATMs. In the top ten list of nations with the most crypto-dispensing machines, Canada, with its 2,688 installed ATMs, is ranked second. Less than 300 ATMs are present in the other top 10 nations.

According to the research, ATM ownership is as follows:

As of November, Bitaccess was the largest crypto ATM manufacturer in the world, holding a 33% market share. With about 9,000 BTMs and a 23% market share, General Bytes came in second. With market shares of 22% and 5%, Genesis Coin and Bitstop are in second and third, respectively.

According to the research, which uses information from Coin ATM Radar, 82% of all installed machines support alternative currencies. Only 39% of the ATMs support dogecoin, while 73% and 80% of them support ethereum.

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