CrossTower, a crypto exchange, is thinking about buying more crypto companies.

CrossTower is now giving businesses that operate in an extremely open and more compliant way priority in light of the recent occurrences involving FTX.

Crypto exchange CrossTower looks to still be interested in acquisitions after its well-received bid for the assets of the defunct crypto lender Voyager Digital. A recent Bloomberg story claims that the exchange has already started looking for potential crypto businesses to buy. However, according to CrossTower’s president Kristin Boggiano, the company would give preference to businesses who operate with greater transparency and have a track record of compliance. Similar opinions are held by Kapil Rathi, the company’s CEO. He claims that going forward, the company will seek out companies with “a decent group of consumers” and “a good balance sheet.”

Rathi claims that CrossTower will also base its decisions on these companies’ potential for organic growth.

Bitcoin Exchange CrossTower Appreciates Reopening of Voyager Bid
In the cryptocurrency business, recent weeks have seen an interesting turn of events. CrossTower was still preparing a bid for the assets of Voyager with FTX and Binance as of September. But by the end of the month, FTX ultimately prevailed in that bid. That occurred in a transaction whose reported value at the time was $1.4 billion.

Unexpectedly, FTX itself also encountered issues and declared bankruptcy on November 11. Voyager had to reopen the tendering procedure as a result. And as anticipated, CrossTower has presented a new offer for the assets within 24 hours of the reopening.

CrossTower is not the only form that has returned to the competition for Voyager’s assets, though. Along with Binance, Wave Financial, a venture capital firm specializing in blockchain, is back.

More Purchases
It is important to note that CrossTower intends to raise its offer for the Voyager assets. The company wants to create a rescue fund, which its supporters will probably support. Rathi claims that the fund will be distinct from Binance’s industry fund, which was previously reported.

However, it will be trying to use the fund to support struggling crypto projects at this challenging time.

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