Before the first Web3 Gaming Awards, the GAM3 nominees were announced.

The games that have been shortlisted for the GAM3 Awards in 2022 have been made public. The first Polkastarter Gaming GAM3 Awards will take place on December 15, 2022, and will cover 16 categories.

The jury members selected their top 5 games from each of the 13 categories represented by the 106 unique games that were submitted in the first round of voting. The final nominees were reduced through this procedure to 32 different titles, which represent the pinnacle of web3 gaming.

The first 106 games were spread across 13 chains, with Polygon, BNB Chain, and Solana being the top 3 networks each represented. The final 32 nominees showed a distribution of web3 games throughout several chains. With 8 games each, Polygon and ImmutableX are tied for first place in web3 gaming, with Solana and Gala coming in second and third, respectively.

Without honoring the Best Content Creator, the GAM3 Awards would not have been possible to organize. They are the key proponents of adoption and they are the ones who enlist the support of their devoted communities. Web3 gaming has a large and diverse community of content producers from different countries, cultures, and languages. Because of this, the Best Content Creator award will be decided entirely by community vote. Each nominee should ask their supporters to cast votes for them.

The Games’ Choice Award is where video games honor other video games, but in a more literal manner. Each game nominates their favorite web3 title from outside of themselves in the fifteenth category of the GAM3 Awards. It serves as a gesture of deference and demonstrates that all of the games in the area are engaged in friendly rivalry to advance the web3 gaming sector as a whole.

On November 16th, the People’s Choice Award was made available for public vote. This is the only game-specific GAM3 Award that is entirely chosen by public voting, and it inspired a movement across all genres and chains of games. 38 games with a total social following of over 3 million posted tweets and announcements to their individual communities. From the more than 5K unique votes cast on the site, this approach alone qualified more than 50 games for the prize.

The candidates for Game of the Year at the GAM3 Awards demonstrate how far web3 gaming has come. Five of the top games now available consistently straddle the border between traditional and web-based gaming quality while highlighting the value of digital asset ownership and other blockchain components. the Harvest, Gods Unchained, Big Time, Illuvium, and Superior. Whoever wins the GOTY award will be the product of the game studio’s commitment, effort, and hard work in creating an unbroken community.

The GAM3 Awards and its proactive attempt to keep web3 game developers inspired to move on received positive feedback from both games and judges during the nomination period. Omar Ghanem, Polkastarter’s Head of Gaming, summarizes their comments as follows:

“We would like to congratulate each and every one of the 39 jury members that participated in the GAM3 Awards voting in the first round. A 100% vote participation rate, despite the task at hand of going through over 100 game titles, is more evidence of how everyone is looking forward to watching the web3 gaming sector evolve and grow.

“The majority of jury members offered good feedback about how happy they were to find a few hidden gems in the industry, and this was further evidence the GAM3 Awards is doing what it set out to do, which is acknowledge top web3 games for their work,” the statement reads.

The following comment from Urvit Goel, Head of Global Games at Polygon Studios, highlights the significance of gaming’s contribution to the development of blockchain technology:

“It is an incredible collection of high-caliber games that really exemplify what is to come in the blockchain gaming industry. The GAM3 Awards have demonstrated the quantity of excellent blockchain games being developed as well as the drive of those developers. It is also obvious that Polygon maintains its position as the market leader in terms of the caliber, variety, and availability of web3 games.

A number of factors, including the basic loop, visuals, accessibility, factor for replayability, enjoyable components, and overall gameplay experience, will be taken into consideration while judging games. The game in question must have a live, playable version that demonstrates the aforementioned criteria in order to be eligible for any of the prizes, with the exception of Most Anticipated Game.

Yoshihisa Hashimoto, a former senior director of partnerships at Electronic Arts and former CTO of Square Enix who oversaw titles like Sonic: Unleashed and Final Fantasy XIV Online, is among an all-star jury with decades of combined gaming experience (Edward Chang). For a complete list of the jury members who cast votes for the GAM3 Awards, be sure to visit their website.

Justin Kan, the founder of Fractal, Urvit Goel, the head of global games at Polygon Studios, Itai Elizur, managing partner at Market Across, Rachel Levin, the director of venture & strategy at ImmutableX, and Matt Sorg, the head of technology at the Solana Foundation are the judges whose votes will determine which studios win a prize.

The jury’s decision will be given 90% of the vote’s weight, and the remaining 10% will be decided by popular vote. In the event of a tie, the community’s vote will be used to determine the category winners for all categories. On December 15, 2022, we will make all of these announcements via our livestream on social media.

The following is the complete list of nominees:
Year’s Best Game: Illuvium Big Time
Gods Unbound
Illuvium: Overworld, The Harvest Superior’s Most Anticipated Game
Ember Sword from Star Atlas
a Treeverse
Top Graphics
Stella Atlas
Heavy Metal Big Time
The Best Action Game Is My Pet Hooligan
Really big
Superior Guild of Guardians
Best app for mobile
Splinterlands Guild of Guardians
Battle Royale
The best adventure game is Thetan Arena Skyweaver.
Earth from Another Sun in Big Time
My personal thug
The Sandbox Oracle
optimum casual game
Party Block Blankos
My Pet Hooligan by Thetan Arena
Origins of Axiom Infinity
Best RPG: Legends of Venari
Really big
Illuvium \sAurory
Best Shooter Game SIPHER Phantom Galaxies
Metalcore \sEV.IO
Unliving Blocks
Earth from another sun: Delysium
Excellent Strategy Games
Gods Unbound
Ages of the World
the game Skyweaver Immortal
The best card game is Cards of Eternity.
Splinterlands of Gods Unchained
Origins of Axiom Infinity
The best multiplayer game is Skyweaver Cards of Eternity.
My Pet Hooligan: Blankos Block Party
Really big
EV.IO is the best esports game.
Gods Unbound
Planet Tanks Mojo Spider

The first GAM3 Awards were presented in 2022, marking the beginning of the web3 gaming awards. The awards, which honor the best web3 games, are presented by Polkastarter Gaming, Polkastarter’s first move toward reimagining the future of blockchain gaming. The occasion features media outlets, ecosystems, and industry leaders, and it celebrates the best game developers with cash awards and services worth more than $300,000.

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