TRI is Listed on’s Main Zone.

The TRI/USDT trading pair has been open for trade from 2022-11-23 10:00 on XT.COM, the first socially integrated trading platform in the world, and the company is happy to announce the listing of TRI on its platform in the Main Zone (UTC).

TRI is an ERC-20 token with a 50 billion token supply that is active on the layer-1 Ethereum network. The TRI token contract contains a built-in “buyback” feature that aids in controlling the number of tokens in circulation to maintain a deflationary environment for long-term price increase. Regardless of the investment choice selected, tokens purchased during its pre-launch remain locked for a period of 52 weeks.

The TRI token has both long-term and short-term staking methods available, and both produce a predetermined weekly return in the form of Trillant’s stablecoin (TRIL). Options range from four to twenty-six weeks, with the longest yielding an annual percentage yield of 11%. In order to earn a fixed 50% APY depending on the token value at the moment of staking, long-term staking entails locking up TRI tokens for an entire year (52 weeks). Option Call is a special feature of long-term staking that allows investors to extend their 52-week staking term every four weeks in order to boost the market value of TRI.

Regarding Trillant
Trillant is a community-driven environment for cryptocurrency investments that includes a marketplace, a stablecoin (TRIL), and the TRI value token (Trillando). Users on Trillant are divided into Active Members and Affiliate Partners. Passive users can use the staking options available on the platform and manage their finances privately. On the other hand, affiliate members enjoy all the advantages of passive members in addition to a referral feature that allows them to suggest new users to the system in exchange for more benefits. Through recommendations, business partners can be affiliated, and merchants can sell products and services on their own marketplace.

By offering tokenized long and short positions for loan markets, automated investment yield products, and other services, Trillant complements their DeFi investment methods. Another platform in the Trillant ecosystem is the Trillando Marketplace, which functions as a centralized network for tying together customers, retailers, and affiliate partners. Trillando offers an intuitive user interface along with a superior processing engine to supply transparent accounting services.

To increase the trading alternatives for all of its users, will keep fortifying its battle-tested crypto listing tactics. Both TRI and XT holders will have access to live and colored deposit, trading, and withdrawal options. Everyone is urged to engage in TRI trading effortlessly whenever, anywhere, and without any restrictions. As promised, XT.COM will keep accepting projects for cryptocurrency listings and experience growth with them.

Regarding XT.COM
In addition to its 800+ trading pairs and more than 6 million registered users, the 2018-founded XT.COM cryptocurrency exchange currently boasts over 1 million monthly active users and over 40 million users in its ecosystem. Our platform aims to serve its sizable user base by offering a safe, reliable, and simple trading experience while covering a wide range of trade categories and an NFT aggregated marketplace.

As the first socially integrated digital asset trading platform in the world, XT.COM also offers social networking platform-based transactions to increase the accessibility of our crypto services to users everywhere. Furthermore, user security is our main priority at XT.COM in order to guarantee optimal data integrity and security.

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