Top 3 Metaverse Projects for 2023: Orbeon Protocol, Apecoin (APE), and CryptoPunks (ORBN).

It remains to be seen whether human contact will evolve into the Metaverse.

As the best metaverse token with long-term potential, Orbeon Protocol, a new metaverse and crowdfunding initiative, is already capturing investors’ attention thanks to ORBN’s 125% price increase in the presale. This article examines a variety of metaverse tokens with long-term potential.

Protocol Orbeon (ORBN)
Orbeon Protocol is an investment platform that makes it simpler for businesses and startups to plan funding rounds and, at the same time, develop a community of interested investors.

The possibility for companies to generate funding in the form of fractionalized equity-based NFTs makes Orbeon Protocol special. Any level of investor can participate in venture capital more easily thanks to this strategy, which enables them to do so for a relatively low entry cost.

Meanwhile, funding smart contract codes now incorporate security features like the Fill or Kill mechanism. Investors are shielded from the usual drawbacks of conventional crowdfunding platforms with this tamper-proof mechanism, and they will receive a refund if funding goals are not completed on schedule.

Holders of ORBNs will also receive special merchandise on the Orbeon platform. This includes entry into the exclusive Winners Circle and future metaverse ventures. As part of the Orbeon Protocol’s roadmap activities, holders will also get discounts, cashback, more earning opportunities through staking, and other planned utilities.

The best metaverse token with long-term potential is Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), which is clear to see why. Investors are in a frenzy over ORBN’s current presale phase, where it is available for $0.014. Analysts predict that its price will shortly rise by 6000%.

Apecoin (APE) (APE)
Apecoin is a different successful metaverse coin you can purchase for its long-term potential (APE). The native and utility token of the APE ecosystem, a community-driven web3 and NFT-focused token developed by Yuga Labs, is the ERC 20 Token.

Apecoin facilitates important governance procedures and decision-making processes as the APE ecosystem grows. In the future Otherside metaverse from Yuga Labs, apecoin will also play an important role in web3 and the metaverse economy.

Apecoin’s potential applications include compensating and encouraging artists and content producers, advancing decentralization and initiatives, and fostering cultural and interpersonal ties inside the metaverse. Apecoin is now trading at $3.2, but analysts predict a long-term increase of 2000%. However, as a purely speculative token, Apecoin is thus entirely driven by hype and lacks external utility. Many investors would prefer that Apecoin supply some real-world use cases.

The only non-fungible metaverse token on the list is CryptoPunks. It is one of the earliest and most well-known NFT initiatives focused on the web 3 and the metaverse. 10,000 original works of algorithmically generated pixelated PFP (profile photo) art make up the Cryptopunks collection. Each Cryptopunks NFT consists of portraits with differentiating characteristics that are random and individual to each individual.

Although CryptoPunks was developed by Larva Labs in 2017, Yuga Labs acquired it and integrated it into the APE ecosystem in 2022. The collection was initially distributed without charge. However, Cryptopunks is currently one of the most expensive NFT collections, with a floor price of a stunning 66 $ETH ($87,000). With a $2.97 billion trading volume, it now has a market value of more than 667,000 $ETH ($870 million).

The main factor contributing to CryptoPunks’ high price is their scarcity, which increases demand. NFTs with unique features are consequently more expensive and rarer. For instance, Deepak Thapliyal sold CryptoPunk #5822, an Alien breed, for $23.7 million in February 2022.

This post has highlighted some of the top metaverse tokens that can provide sizable gains for you in the long run if you’re new to NFT, the metaverse, and web3.

Existing metaverse tokens with strong long-term potential include Apecoin and CryptoPunks, which are still great investments. However, because of their enormous potential for both short- and long-term investment, gems like Orbeon Protocol’s ORBN coin should be noticed in particular. Notably, when presale closes, ORBN is expected to increase by 6000%.

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