How Shock World Cup Victories Will Affect The Crypto Market: Dogecoin vs. Big Eyes, Japan vs. Germany.

Everyone enjoys watching the underdog defeat the titan. Everyone cheered except Argentinians when Saudi Arabia overcame a goal deficit to defeat one of the strongest teams in the World Cup 2-1. After giving up a penalty in the opening period of their match against Germany, Japan accomplished a remarkable comparable accomplishment. With a thrilling 2-1 victory over the World Cup champions from 2014, the Samurai Blues made German supporters cry as they left the stadium.

In this essay, I’ll examine how the crypto market will be impacted by these unexpected wins by underdog teams and how a new meme coin called Big Eyes (BIG) might be able to unseat the current leaders in the meme coin market.

More World Cup viewers means more cryptocurrency viewers
A lot more people will watch the World Cup if the excitement and hype surrounding it continues, and more teams keep pulling off amazing upset victory over the favorites. Even while the World Cup currently enjoys huge global audience, an even more compelling and engaging competition is likely to draw even more spectators. The crypto markets will benefit greatly from this increased viewership. As the main sponsors of the event, Algorand (ALGO) and, more people watching the games means more visibility for cryptocurrencies. This is fantastic news for the entire market, as public opinion and confidence in cryptocurrencies were severely damaged by the FTX collapse. More consumer exposure to cryptocurrencies will begin to plant the seeds of trust once again.

Large Eyes To Depose Doge?
The market for meme coins is now led by Dogecoin (DOGE). Numerous Shiba Inus are competing to be the underdog who deposes the king. There is a new cat on the block, though, and it’s prepared to take the lead. The meme coin Big Eyes (BIG) has tremendous potential and is prepared to dominate the meme coin market. Big Eyes has a unique build. Really literally. The mascot of Big Eyes is a cat, not a Japanese dog breed like the others!

They dominate Big Eyes in terms of market capitalization as compared to meme coin goliaths like Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB), as they had first mover advantage. You shouldn’t discount the underdog (or cat in this scenario) just yet, though, similar to Saudi Arabia or Japan losing 1-0 on a penalty!

When it comes to essential utility and existence, Big Eyes has an advantage over Dogecoin and Shiba Inu due to its main motivation and purpose. While Big Eyes aims to move as much wealth as possible into DeFi, or decentralized finance, the other two meme coins were only launched as a joke or to profit from the popularity of other meme coins, respectively. With more money in DeFi, these black swan situations might be completely prevented. We have seen firsthand the horrible effects of a centralised crypto exchange collapsing.

Final Reflections
In addition to making for more interesting football and spectacle for spectators, greater upsets during the World Cup will raise awareness of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Big Eyes may challenge for the title of most popular meme coin as we get closer to the next Bitcoin halving and the impending bull run. Don’t pass up this chance to bet on the underdog and get huge rewards if this adorable kitty manages to defeat the opposition.

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