GEMS, an esports 3.0 platform, will debut on high launchpads.

The esports 3.0 platform GEMS, which stands for GameFi, Esports, Metaverse, and Social Finance (SocialFi), is happy to announce that GEMS will debut on prestigious launchpads including Polkabridge, Formless, and Blokpad. The launch will begin in late July with a $1 million or more in fundraising.

More than 80 blockchain and esports organizations are presently partners with GEMS, the first blockchain esports platform that offers full services, the majority of which are cutting-edge, top-tier investors or dominant players in the market.

The platform will include GameFi, metaverse, and SocialFi components to capitalize on its network of esports hotels throughout Southeast Asia. With its five core business pillars, including a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, decentralized finance facilities, a fanfi studio, communities 3.0, and a play-to-earn arena, GEMS promotes the innovation and evolution of the esports industry and serves as an esports 3.0 aggregator platform. This creates a robust and extensive ecosystem for various participants and stakeholders.

The goal of the GEMS coin is to strengthen the GEMS ecosystem. The coin will include governance qualities in addition to serving as a medium of trade and a rewarding token. Owners of GEMS tokens will have access to several membership levels, exclusive NFTs, esports competitions, and player-versus-player arena fights. GEMS tokens will serve as the NFT marketplace’s primary trading currency and as a means of rewarding users through the FanFi Studio platform. Holders will also have the ability to vote on crucial platform decisions and participate in the governance of decentralized autonomous organizations.

GEMS’s CEO, Andy Koh, said:

“We think the union of esports with blockchain technology will result in significant potential and new use cases that will be advantageous to both industries. At the moment, there are 3.24 billion gamers worldwide, 300 million of whom play esports professionally. Gamers and players from the esports and GameFi communities might join and use our platform for numerous monetization in this sharing economy with the help of our digital gaming services.

Added Koh:

“Our main areas of concentration are tokenomics and platform services. While perfecting the goods and enhancing the services, we also work to develop a well-designed tokenomic to increase ecosystem activity and provide well-functioning platform tokens to help players remain around.

GEMS has already experienced the excitement of investors during capital raising. In May, the blockchain-based esports network obtained an additional $50 million in Tether (USDT). In May, GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment company located in The Bahamas, announced a fresh $50 million investment commitment after this cash infusion. The extra funding will be utilized to improve GEMS products even more and broaden the ecosystem internationally, with an emphasis on Asia.

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