Opinion: Why is it possible that GTA 6 would not include cryptocurrency in its game play?

Rumors are circulating in the GTA community that Rockstar Games may include cryptocurrencies into the gameplay of the highly anticipated GTA 6. There is speculation that the main character may earn in-game bitcoin as payment from unnamed millionaires after completing assignments. While Grand Theft Auto 5 had stock market missions, GTA 6 is expected to incorporate both stocks and cryptocurrency.

How Did Cryptocurrency Rumors Begin?
Tom Henderson, a gamer and freelance writer, came up with the concept for GTA 6 to feature cryptocurrencies for the first time. In June 2021, he tweeted that he had “heard” from an insider that Rockstar Games had added cryptocurrencies in GTA 6.

Since Henderson’s remark, GTA-themed Twitter sites have continued the story with frequent cryptocurrency ‘leaks and speculations. Rockstar Games is notoriously tight-lipped about its projects, with few ‘leaks’ to the public. From GTA San Andreas through GTA 4 and GTA 5, all insider leaks and release predictions have almost all been proven incorrect.

Since Henderson’s post, GTA-themed Twitter sites have started promoting their own ‘insider leaks’ concerning in-game cryptocurrencies. Many of the leaks seem to be suspect, with no proof from their purported “sources.” Some have even ceased using ‘insider leak’ disclaimers that imply their knowledge is gospel truth.

Fortunately for them, Rockstar Games has a policy of neither opposing or accepting rumors of any kind. As a result, the GTA rumor mill never stops since no one challenges their ‘leaks, rumors, insider source,’ among other things.

Here’s Why GTA 6 May Not Have Cryptocurrency
What is the primary motivation for gaming firms to use cryptocurrencies and NFTs? The motivation behind this is to earn money. Rockstar Games, on the other hand, already has the funds. With or without bitcoin integration, they may sell millions of copies and earn billions of dollars in GTA 6. As a result, Rockstar Games is not in any way in a race against time to create anything ‘fresh.’

GTA 6 is the only ‘new’ GTA game that fans demand. Everything else takes a back seat as they are convinced that their favorite game will never let them down.

Many game companies attempted to include cryptocurrencies and NFTs as features, but were met with criticism. NFTs were introduced by Ubisoft in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, although the notion was frowned upon by enthusiasts. Months later, Ubisoft discontinued the selling of NFTs after seeing the apathy firsthand.

In addition, game developer Team17 announced the inclusion of Bitcoin in one of its games, but the news was received with significant displeasure. Team17 was forced to discontinue the crypto integration because gamers did not find the potential of cryptos exciting.

To summarize, incorporating cryptocurrencies and NFTs into popular games is a horrible idea. Gamers just want to have fun and not’make money with cryptos.’ If they intended to generate money, they would trade instead of playing games.

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