ARC, a pioneering soulbound NFT membership initiative, provides practical value.

While many Web3 groups are plagued by non-believers and data-scraping machines, their actual members are waiting for cryptocurrency’s “ARC” to sail them away from troubled seas. ARC should be credited for pioneering a nonfungible token (NFT) membership club, which has come to build genuine relationships in a shared environment of unlimited possibilities.

Curating for a wide range of skill sets using soulbound NFTs
ARC, founded in Singapore, is a members-only Web3 community united by intellectual curiosity, culture-pushers, and people eager to collaborate. Finally, ARC will act as a global network for creatives, technologists, builders, entrepreneurs, and artists to connect and shape the future of Web3. Users may rest easy knowing that the beneficiaries of the non-transferable tokens required to join ARC have been carefully hand-picked to guarantee authenticity and diversity.

Participants can enjoy a plethora of real-world utility in this free-flowing environment, including: access to the ARC mobile app to make new connections; exclusive content programming co-created and led by community members; and experiences, both in real life (IRL) and in the app, that enable unparalleled growth, networking, and creation — in addition to a plethora of co-created lifestyle utilities and partnered merch available.

ARC co-founder Elroy Cheo recently said, “Unlike private clubs, ARC is all about a community that develops shared value together.” The account-bound NFT membership is how we bring like-minded individuals together to produce that shared value.”

ARC’s ultimate goal is to co-create a strong NFT brand in Asia. While Asia is among the world’s leaders in cryptocurrency usage and NFT ownership, the region has yet to establish a notable NFT project – something ARC aims to alter.

Working together to make a utility-rich world a reality
ARC’s overall aims are collaboration and co-creation, as it seeks to unify its various members in order to enhance its app experience and the community network’s real-life value. All ARC members have access to ARC Playgrounds, a rich network of IRL venues where members may meet and collaborate. Members will also have the opportunity to co-create bespoke lifestyle experiences with Millennium Hotels and Resorts, a global brand owned and operated by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited that owns and operates over 145 hotels in 80 locations — in addition, ARC has partnered with Zouk Group, a world-class lifestyle destination group, and QCP Capital, one of the world’s largest crypto trading firms, to support ARC’s collaborative Web3 journey.

“The ability to offer a community of authorized creators through our soulbound tokens is the primary reason why ARC has succeeded to bring the top brands in the world together, and will continue to onboard more to further enrich the ARC experience,” stated Kiat Lim, founder of ARC.

Participating in the ARC revolution
The ecstatic sensation one gets being accepted into a group with like-minded people is undoubtedly comparable to being accepted into the ARC community. The application procedure is simple; after submitting an application form for the ARC whitelist, the application is considered on a rolling basis. When a user is confirmed, they are encouraged to complete a free mint for Pyxis — ARC’s curation and non-transferable token — which guarantees that the ARC community is 100% vetted from the bottom up to ensure diversity. Members will be prioritized for access to mint their own ARC NFT according on how quickly they claimed their free Pyxis. Finally, the ARC NFT acts as the digital identification for ARC services and the key to unlocking all of the member benefits.

To join a community dedicated to breaking down obstacles, inventing the unthinkable, and eventually paving the road for a sustainable future for Web3, click here to join the ARC whitelist.

Concerning ARC
ARC is Asia’s private app-based NFT membership platform, comprised of a close-knit community of creatives and thought-leaders. It is driven by a people-focused vision of co-creation, connection, and progress, which may ignite unlimited possibilities, and is built on the concept that community is the key to building a future that excites and motivates everyone. Members have access to ARC Playgrounds, which are a network of IRL venues where people may rest, play, and communicate with one another, in addition to the ARC app, which has been constructed and will be available upon mint. Its utility NFT membership will allow users to work with a wide community of talents, as well as co-create unique content and experiences with world-class partners.

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