Mastercard International Incorporated.

Mastercard offers payment processing products and services, as well as associated consultancy services.

Mastercard Incorporated is an American global financial services firm based in Purchase, New York, United States, in Westchester County. Its primary business across the globe is to handle payments between merchant banks and card issuing banks or credit unions of customers who use “Mastercard” brand debit and credit cards to make transactions. Since 2006, Mastercard Worldwide has been a publicly listed firm.

Mastercard, formerly known as Interbank/Master Charge, was founded by numerous California banks as a rival to Bank of America’s BankAmericard, which ultimately became Visa Inc.’s Visa credit card. Mastercard increased its e-commerce service in 2010 with the purchase of DataCash, a payment processing and fraud/risk management firm located in the United Kingdom.

Mastercard announced the extension of its mobile contactless payments initiative to include markets in the Middle East in 2012. In 2014, Mastercard collaborated with Apple to add a new mobile wallet function into Apple’s latest iPhone models, allowing customers to use their Mastercard and other credit cards more easily.

  • Operating Status: Active
  • Business Type: Public
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
  • Founded Date: Feb 1st, 1966
  • Organization CEO: Ajaypal Singh Banga
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