Web 3.0 Metaverse Payment Network PAY DAO: Launches Community Donations and Opens to Everyone.

The Metaverse economic system will bring about significant changes: PAY DAO, the world’s first Web 3.0 decentralized payment network on the Metaverse platform, announced on August 16 that it would open up a community contribution program on its official website to everyone.

What Exactly Is Community Giving?
Community contribution is a relatively novel and appealing method of issuing tokens, allowing for the fair and equal distribution of tokens to the community. Community contributions, as opposed to conventional fundraising approaches, better represent the community’s free choice and ownership. There is no whitelist, and members are not required to fulfill community duties. The gift amount is set and very modest for a particular address; first come, first served. Yes, equitable sharing.

PAY DAO is putting up a communal gift. Anyone may access community contributions participating in PAY DAO through the donation page.

Upcoming Community Contributions
PAY TOKEN is a Bep 20 utility token built on Binance Smart Chain, abbreviated as “PAY.” PAY is the Metaverse’s universal payment digital currency and the foundation of the future Metaverse economic system.

PAY total initial issuance: 1 billion pieces

618 million is the hard cap. PAY

After the community contribution is completed, any incomplete PAY will be deleted.

BSC (fixed donation ratio): 100 USD

T: 10000 PAY

Additional Reward: 5% USDT+5% PAY will be awarded for each suggested address that results in a community contribution.

One super NFT will be given away for every ten addresses advised to fulfill community contributions.

1 Genesis NFT will be given away for every 10 super NFT tasks performed.

Rewards are earned on a first-come, first-served basis. Following your gift, you will be able to get PAY tokens and NFTs through the official website.

The team has no reservations or holdings for PAY tokens.

PAY DAO is a decentralized Web 3.0 payment network for the global metaverse platform. It intends to enable hundreds of millions of Cosmos users, developers, retailers, suppliers, and ecosystem partners to seamlessly participate in the Metaverse’s economic success through payment and mining amongst PAY tokens. Through the future PAY payment service and app, make the PAY Metaverse Universal Payment Token accessible on tens of millions of Metaverse platforms and networks throughout the globe.

PAY DAO is developing payment systems and product foundations based on the PAY token. In the near future, a fully working digital economic metaverse will be realized. In addition to becoming a leader in Metaverse payments, PAY plans to form long-term partnerships, joint venture communities, and alliances with content providers in the Metaverse sports, gaming, and other entertainment industries in the near future. Create a metaverse digital economic system that is only supplied by the PAY token payment mechanism and financial platform of PAY DAO.

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