What exactly is Bitcoin Musk?

Bitcoin Musk’s new cryptocurrency project
It must be stated straight away that this is not an Elon Musk-related endeavor. Furthermore, it does not even expressly mention Bitcoin.

In other words, it is a project designed to garner attention and interest by capitalizing on the names Bitcoin and Musk.

Not unexpectedly, it is now pre-selling a new coin called BTCMUSK, which is not yet trading on the exchanges.

This is essentially a shady advertising campaign attempting to get people to acquire one of their tokens by claiming to be related to Bitcoin and Musk, but which has nothing to do with either the cryptocurrency or the Tesla CEO.

Their modest website does not even mention the blockchain on which their BTCMUSK token is meant to be produced, but it is already being sold in the expectation that someone inexperienced would be misled and mistake their project for a kind of Bitcoin from Elon Musk.

It’s also worth noticing that they avoid mentioning Elon Musk’s initial name on the same page, and they never say anywhere that their idea has nothing to do with him or Bitcoin.

On Twitter, some say that Bitcoin Musk’s smart contract has been examined and confirmed by a big crypto business, yet no smart contract is shown on the official website.

It is worth noting that the smart contracts of actual cryptocurrencies must be public and verifiable by anybody, thus hiding them is tantamount to wanting to conceal anything (assuming such a smart contract really exists).

Some tweets even suggest that it may be a true hoax.

For example, one from a clearly forged profile in the name of pop singer Selena Gomez, which seems to entice readers to “invest” in this coin.

The fact that the hashtag #Bitcoinmusk seems to be extremely effective on Twitter is most likely owing to the phony accounts ingeniously constructed by the initiative’s organizers, since a great many messages look quite obviously merely as trifling efforts to promote it by convincing others to “invest.”

Unfortunately, there is no way to block such activities, and Elon Musk may not be able to stop them from using his last name to promote such ventures.

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