Blockchain ACGN Game NEO FANTASY, Rising Star of GameFi!

Gaming has been one of the most invested sectors in the crypto business with the launch of Axie Infinity.

Given the low hurdles to entry in the blockchain gaming market and the vast popularity of games, many feel that blockchain gaming is the most likely to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

However, since the crypto market has been bearish, the DAU (Daily Active Users) of most blockchain games has decreased, and several blockchain games have progressively withdrawn from the crypto market.

Faced with GameFi’s issue in the crypto market, NEO FANTASY will re-create a new pattern as Gamefi’s CEO.

Project Introduction:

NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that deeply integrates NFT and DeFi into the action, resulting in an ACGN world full of surprises for users who like exploring the Metaverse via ACGN RPG games! A growing percentage of conventional gaming players are now focused on GameFi. NEO FANTASY will provide conventional game players the opportunity to experience the P2E mode of Web3 games via a standalone APP that is more akin to traditional games.

Through collaboration with NEXTYPE and community development, NEO FANTASY has amassed a huge number of users. The game will also be linked to Google Play and the App Store in order to accomplish player flow from Web2 to Web3, integrating conventional game playability with the economic model of P2E on-chain.

NEXTYPE and GND STUDIO collaborated on NEO FANTASY. NEXTYPE is the world’s premier blockchain game integrated distribution platform, and is in charge of NEO FANTASY game distribution.

The game’s major modes are presently PVE and PVP. In-game social systems, Auto Chess Battles, Guild Tournaments, open world, virtual environment, and other features will be improved in the future. For conventional gaming players, NEO FANTASY APP will become an independent gamification gateway to Web3.

Distinctive Gameplay:

The NEO FANTASY gaming setting is set in a fantasy world against the onslaught of ancient demons.

There are six races: TERRAN, AQUA, DWARF, ORC, DRAGON, and ELVE. Races inhibit one another. Each hero has his or her own personality, combat stance, talent, and backstory.

To receive prizes for passing the adventure level, challenge the BOSS. The greater the difficulty of the task, the greater the reward.

In the Arena, gamers may match up with other players of comparable strength from throughout the service to compete for seasonal credits and tokens.

Eternal Rock Fight
To obtain $FTS and $ERT, players in the game might form a Hero Squad and occupy the Eternal Rock.

System of Squad Cells and Equipment
Players may put a hero in the Squad Cell to upgrade the associated Squad Cell and Equip, which is a significant improvement over previous games’ complicated and time-consuming character upgrading system.

It’s completely free to play.
In NEO FANTASY, all new players get a free Hero and may utilize the first Hero to gather resources and make cash, lowering the barrier to entry for GameFi and expanding to more conventional gamers.


NEO FANTASY will use a multi-tokenomic system that will include a principal governance token $ERT (ETERNAL ROCK TOKEN) and an in-game utility token $FTS (FANTASY).

The major utility token resource in the game is $FTS. Every player’s game activity has the potential to cause $FTS Drop. The $FTS earned may be utilized in the game or exchanged to other players in the Exchange Hall.

Only via the Exchange Hall, Eternal Rock fights, PvP mode in-game Arena, and other in-game features can $ERT be gained and freely exchanged. $ERT is required for gameplays such as Hero Star Ascending and Equipment Enhancement. $ERT is also the principal means of exchanging additional $FTS.

The dual token interaction method will raise the number of interactive NEO FANTASY users while also increasing the liquidity of $ERT, resulting in a robust circular economy.

Partners and Investors:

Several cryptocurrency investors have already invested in NEO FANTASY. Shima Capital is leading the initiative, with involvement from NEO, Catchervc, Humble Ventures, MAP Protocol, Lead Wallet, and BitKeep Wallet.

NEO FANTASY has also collaborated with and is listed on SafePal, TokenPocket, Lead Wallet, BitKeep Wallet, and other wallets.

Meanwhile, the NEO FANTASY Hero NFT surprise box will be offered on Binance NFT and NFT shortly.

Participate in NEO FANTASY:

Currently, NEO FANTASY has officially launched the pre-launch events with $500,000 worth of rewards to encourage more new players to register the game account.

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