Weco Land All-in-One DESO Platform for DAO.

Weco Land, a DAO DESO platform owned by a metaverse infrastructure corporation, is now in private beta testing. A number of high-quality DAOs have already joined the team. The test includes encrypted digital asset verification, group channel creation, group messaging, and group meetings. Their team will gather input before moving on to a public beta test. NFTs will be given to public beta testers in order for them to experience C2E mechanics. This beta version elicited a strong response from DAOs, with followers coming to the social media account to learn more about their NFT initiative, Weco Genes. So, what is causing this?

“Before Weco Land, DAOs jumped between tabs, utilizing Twitter to reach more people, Discord for community administration, and Telegram as a source of knowledge.” Weco Land now provides the Web3 answer to DAOs’ fundamental requirements – a one-stop shop for community creation, communication, governance, and so on.”

DAO Problems: Scalability and Adaptability:
Web2’s application layer is dominant, yet it is still incredibly sluggish in the crypto business. DAO is still a nascent new notion. A one-stop shop for the DAO community? There are hardly none. Even talking about DAO infrastructure is premature. Weco Land is the first program that really assists DAO in managing effectively, combining the governance structure of DAO & NFT, making crypto experts anxiously expecting this breakthrough.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, is a blockchain-based organization. DAOs are still too wide as a novel method of cooperation and governance, and they exist in a variety of kinds and operating styles. The essential concept, though, is extremely similar. DAOs need a comprehensive set of governance tools to galvanize community members and manage proposals and business choices – inventory control, incentive management, and so forth. As DAOs grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult for DAO governance to be extremely efficient.

Weco Land is the first DESO ALL-IN-ONE.
As the first complete DESO product for DAOs. To accomplish multimedia metaverse social scenarios, Weco Land includes features and capabilities such as instant messaging, content production, public domain traffic, metaverse land, NFTs, and so on. Using the self-built private DID on-chain technology, it can implement digital asset verification, construct a common open ecosystem, and share platform outcomes with all DAO communities (SBT & NFT).

DID – Soulbound Token (SBT) & Digital Ownership Picture for Proof (PFP) NFTs have exploded in popularity as a type of digital identification. PFPs to communities are like totems; for example, the collections of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk are emotionally tied to NFT holders. They are pretty pleased to utilize NFTs as Twitter profile images and NFT profile photographs. Weco Land will also employ a one-of-a-kind NFT called “Soulbound Token” as digital ownership credentials to build an exclusive DID system.

Weco Land is going to implement the DID identification system. Users’ social activities will establish a social graph and be traceable on chain, making their actions more visible and useful. To best secure their privacy, users must check in with MetaMask. They may also post their NFTs on the personal center, which fosters user interactions based on shared interests. Users may utilize their NFT collections as profile images and trade personal cards in an easy-to-use interface that connects Web3 users. They may tie several wallet addresses to connect and utilise their digital assets in a virtual area.

NFT stands for Native Tokens for Motivation Mechanism.
DAOs provide for equitable incentive management. Unlike GameFi and DeFi, SocialFi apps go a step further by using NFTs as social tokens. Creators may now employ social tokens to administer their communities, and any user with significant brand equity can have their own token. DAO, for example, may have its own token as well as a mini-ecosystem. The token’s worth will be proportionate to the user’s social influence.

On Weco Land, there is a long-term NFT motivation system in place to assist community builders and influencers in gaining greater status and more benefits:

Only DAOs have their own NFT mechanism, which serves as a community pass. To vote, you must purchase the governance tokens – matching NFTs.
Content as NFTs: assist writers in attaching an article as an NFT and launching crowdfunding inside the Starship. Each NFT piece may be considered an asset, and each individual can own a portion of it. The key advantage is the NFT’s additional value and trading share.
Attaching users’ social interactions as NFTs increases the value along with content NFTs, establishing a symbiotic relationship between producers and holders.
Interaction attribution as NFTs: NFTs may be used as pledges on Weco Land, and interactions identified as helpful to the DAO community get a greater degree of attribution and a twofold pledge reward.

DAO – Value Capture Self-Governing Organization:
The social aspect of a DAO organization is vital because it allows community members to engage with one another. The value of SocialFi is in the interactions, and we need to capture that value via the human worth of content providers. Applications are content producers, influencers, and participants at the core of SocialFi. SocialFi’s capacity to collect value is dependent on individual value, and only through boosting individual creative content and social impact can more people profit from the creator economy. Individual worth is augmented by community value and will be offered in a networking setting. This is precisely Weco Land’s invention.

DAO offers tools for content producers to capture economic value as a new means of engaging like-minded individuals in Web3, the next wave after NFTs. An audience member may also be an administrator, a creator, or a user. A person’s identity is flexible and ever-changing. Weco Land’s structural foundation is DAO, and each DAO requires NFTs for verification and governance. The Web3 social ecosystem is built by all members working together. Weco Land’s value differs from Web2 communities in that “businesses are built before users come in,” but Web3 communities should be “owned and contributed to by members.”

Weco Land is made up of the Upper Realm and the Lower Realm, both of which will be operational in the future. The Upper Realm is the Starship (DAO) community, which requires a passport to enter. The Lower Realm is the public domain where all users may freely enter and depart in the future to enjoy more entertainment experiences in metaverse, such as amusement parks and commercial streets. Users may portal between the Upper and Lower realms by visiting Halo and hanging around in Starships before deciding to join one of the Starships.

The Upper Kingdom:
Starships (DAOs) descend in the Upper Realm, shimmering and gleaming and creating a dazzling starry sky. This realm is only accessible to people who have a passport.

Starships, the foundation of DAOs, are formed like spheres and made up of multiple hexagonal capsules. Starships with a reputation rating less than 10 are spheres, whereas those with a reputation level more than 10 will produce a Halo.

The spacecraft is made up of several hexagonal capsules. Each capsule serves as a distinct location for the community members’ various activities. Chitchat Capsule, Voice Capsule, Meeting Capsule, INK Capsule, Artwork Capsule, Music Capsule, and Open Capsule with no special theme are the six kinds of capsules available in Weco Land for various social activity interactions. Various capsules for you to collect your material and connections. There are around 20 different types of virtual interactive places available to let you enjoy metaverse social networking.

Weco Land: Web3 Metaverse Vision
Web3 is still in its early stages, SocialFi and DAOs are unable to lead like DeFi, but Weco Land opted to create energy and strength during the bad market and will remain on the path. There are few Web3 projects and tools that try to provide integrated support for DAOs, and DAOs often require to switch between several tabs. Weco Land is one of the few Web3 metaverse projects that has a product ready for DAOs to enjoy one-stop service. Based on the DID system, it allows users to utilize “One Pass” in Web3. Stay tuned, and we hope to discover the greatest approach to link the globe in the near future!

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