A 3-month high for DOGE and the strongest price for XMR since June are the biggest movers.

The price of Dogecoin increased by almost 15% on Tuesday, reaching a three-month high. The increase today occurs despite crypto markets generally declining; as of the time of writing, the global market value was 0.21% lower. Additionally rising, Monero reached a multi-month high.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Shiba Inu came close to reaching a new three-month high less than 24 hours after Dogecoin (DOGE), another meme currency, reached a twelve-week high.

Following a low of $0.07571 yesterday, the coin soared to an intraday top of $0.08848 today.

This level of DOGE/USD is the highest it has been since May 18 and it was reached after a crucial resistance point was broken.

The two largest movers were DOGE, which accelerated to a 3-month high, and XMR, which hit its strongest price since June.
This ceiling, which can be seen on the chart as $0.0753, was last crossed on July 20 after a false breakthrough.

As a consequence, the relative strength index (RSI), which measures price momentum, is now tracking at 72.20, its highest level since April.

In the end, it seems that bulls are seeking to retake the $0.1000 level, which was last reached on May 11.

Price strength will need to surpass its present ceiling of 73 in order to get closer to this.

Monero (XMR)
Another significant mover in today’s session, in addition to DOGE, was monero (XMR), which reached its highest level in more than two months.

Earlier in the day’s session, bulls overcame a resistance level of $168.20 to push XMR/USD to a high of $174.11.

With today’s top, XMR has reached its highest level since June 11 and the RSI has risen from a previous support level.

XMR/USD – Daily Chart: Biggest Movers: DOGE Races to 3-Month High, XMR Hits Strongest Price Since June
When examining the chart, this point is at the 55.60-point, and since the previous price increase, the index has increased to a reading of 59.32.

This is just below a resistance level of 60.85, and early bulls have moved to close some of their earlier positions since the RSI is getting near to this area of uncertainty.

XMR/USD is now trading at $168.74, approximately $6 below the previous high.

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