The Lovechain criticizes social media moguls during token presale in collaboration with Bitmart

The Lovechain is a significant Web3-based social media disruptor that provides users control over their data and is the first to let them to produce nonfungible tokens (NFTs) from the information they publish.

The company’s forthcoming token presale will provide investors the chance to get early access to this exciting new initiative that will completely change the social media landscape because the app is currently in closed beta.

Pre-sale measurements:

The pre-sale period is now open and will conclude on August 18, 2022 at 2 PM UTC.

Lovechain Tokens are priced at $0.32 on average (LOV)

The presale’s minimum purchase amount is $100.

$300 maximum pre-sale purchase amount

Get LOV using Tether (USDT).

180,000. Circulating supply

Obtain an email acknowledging your registration.

Receive an email telling you to continue with the purchase on BitMart’s launchpad once the registration time has ended.

About LOV The BNB Smart Chain powers the BEP-20-compliant LOV coin. Please see its token sale terms, conditions, and privacy statement for more information.

The Lovechain platform celebrates all the people and things it loves and is on a mission to make NFT minting, sharing, and monetization as simple as possible for artists and producers. The Lovechain is a new Web3 social media network based on the Algorand blockchain.

Users of The Lovechain can:

Create a decentralized memory storage system

Obtain rewards for joining in

convert their material into NFTs and promote it on NFT markets, such as their own – a function in progress.

own ownership over their data, choose whether or not to share it with marketers, and get rewards in the form of tokens if they do.

The Lovechain gives users the freedom to choose how much engagement they have with the platform in an effort to entice users away from the major social media platforms who are tired of having their data exploited for the benefit of large companies.

To achieve its main goals of granting members ownership of data and enabling users to have a voice on the site, The Lovechain was created on a decentralized network.

The Lovechain will also have its own e-commerce platform where reward tokens, or LOVR, can be used to purchase real-world goods and services. This will make it the first e-commerce site in the world to be specifically targeted at the love economy, which is worth more than $400 billion annually and is expanding.

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