The Huawei-collaborated project is now up for auction on the XT NFT Marketplace.

The Runnow NFT will shortly be listed for auction on the XT NFT marketplace, a non-fungible token aggregator platform that is a division of

The Innovative Project:, created by KBG Studio, is distinct from previous initiatives that merely prioritize incentives. With a broad, profound goal of “One million steps for a healthy world,” the initiative aims to spread its social principles to a larger audience.

In light of this, promotes frequent participation in social and fitness-related activities. Users are able to communicate with communities throughout the globe and take part in regular social activities (donations, running races, etc.) to assist those in need in addition to improving their physical fitness and earning big in-game prizes.

Huawei Wearables are Utilized by previously declared a long-term development strategy until the end of 2022 with the goal of providing consumers with fresh experiences in establishing a healthy lifestyle.

The event received a lot of coverage on tier 1 and tier 2 PR sites both domestically and internationally. Communities linked to both websites also showed a lot of support, with the news of the partnership generating close to 7 million interactions across all media.

A 10,000 HUAWEI Band 4e smartwatches will be given out by Huawei as part of the agreement to fitness enthusiasts who complete their first 35,000 steps on for health monitoring. Users of the App may monitor their health, fitness progress, participation in philanthropic events, and donations to tree planting by syncing data with wearable Huawei devices. Long-term goals for the cooperation include using technology in health training and bringing enduring social values to the neighborhood.

Partnership and Launch
On August 16, 2022, the Runnow NFT collection will be available to all interested NFT traders and participants on the site. Users will soon have the ability to instantly add the NFT to their portfolios as a consequence of the listing. Additionally, Runnow supporters will have the chance to purchase, mint, and explore unique Runnow NFTs in real-time. All NFT purchases from the Runnow NFT collection must be made using XT tokens or ETH.

The best hub in the market for expanding both new and ongoing NFT initiatives is the XT NFT marketplace. The XT NFT marketplace now provides consumers with easy-to-use Runnow NFT use interactivity. The XT NFT marketplace for users will continue to include cutting-edge Web3 and Metaverse NFTs in addition to this listing.

Intriguing activities will also be arranged in conjunction with the launch to grab the community’s attention. All XT and social media pages will be updated with new information on a constant basis.

Regarding KBG Studio
Dedicated to advancing blockchain adoption and developing decentralized gaming goods with rich in-game ecosystems, KBG Firm is a Gamefi art and development studio. The group really hopes to transform the process through which video game creators access the gamefi industry.

The third-generation NFT gamification project known as Runnow was started by KBG Studios. The Runnow NFTs, powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), implement the idea to motivate users to exercise and earn in-game incentives while helping people in need.

The business wants to help create a new world where users’ health is better and others are cared for holistically. The website also promotes regular exercise as a way to stay in shape.

ch encourages users to participate in various kinds of social activities for a healthy way of life, such as sports and contests.

Additionally, Runnow is delivering the novel experience with a fresh thrilling moment to the GameFi sector and beyond with its team of seasoned blockchain and game developers.

Twitter is a social media platform used by KBG Studio.

In order to provide consumers a platform with high liquidity on which to create and sell NFTs, XT NFT has compiled a market that offers all token standards for digital collectibles and artwork. It also emphasizes initial game offerings (IGO) and initial NFT offerings (INO), which include a variety of NFT-Fi services such NFT trading, NFT liquidity, NFT staking, and NFT lending.

Innovative projects may work with XT NFT to develop IGO and INO, which are intended specifically for NFT initiatives that have been installed and minted on the XT smart chain and are looking for initial investment, influence, and guilds.

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