MiVote Technology creates technologies that assist communities in connecting, engaging, finding people, and growing businesses.

MiVote Technology envisions and strives for a diverse future. To create the next evolution of social technology, it has designed the next generation decision-making platform and campaign development tools.

The platforms of MiVote Technology connect communities with citizens and stakeholders. We are pushing beyond the current governance model across industries by permanently changing the community engagement model.

Providing democratic tools to communities for better information sharing, transparency, and accountability in decision-making, which will transform democratic processes across sectors.

MiVote Technology was founded on the belief that digitising community interaction would safeguard our liberties, convictions, symbols, cultures, and right to self-determination. In addition, the company believes that as everyday human interactions become more digital, communities will be able to coexist and rebuild trust. As a result, it created a digital community interaction platform that allows people to reclaim control over how decisions are made and policies are implemented.

The founders felt it was critical to bring communities together in 2020, the year of the global pandemic, so that they could cohabit and support one another. As a result, the MiVote Technology, MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, and MiMeta Mobile application were created for the next evolution of digital engagements.

MiVote Technology is grateful to the United Kingdom Government’s Department for International Trade, the Social Enterprise Exchange in Sheffield, Envestor Limited in London, London and Partners in London, Technoplat in London, and the Cooper Project in Sheffield for their assistance in establishing the company and believing in its mission, values, and virtues.

MiVote Technology believes that transparent and accountable digital engagements will contribute to the world becoming a stronger and more equitable society where people can express themselves, share their interests, and take ownership.

Its mission is to bring governments, businesses, and communities from various socioeconomic backgrounds together in the MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform, and MiMeta mobile application so that people can take back control over the decisions they make and policies they implement.

“We promise to bring communities together and connect them with people.”

MiVote Technology has committed to working closely with communities, governments, and businesses to develop a digital engagement platform. It promises to provide the people with peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Operating Status: Active

Business Type: Private

Headquarters: Sheffield, UK

Founded Date: 2020

Organization CEO: Joydeep Mondal

Founder: Joydeep Mondal Co-Founder: Disha Paul

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