About us
The Crypto Star is a worldwide technological media firm that was formed in 2021 in reaction to newspaper revenue declines and closures.
Our vision

We want to cultivate a media environment in which a variety of independent digital news media enterprises may coexist and thrive.
Our mission

Our mission is to give publishers and readers with the tools they need to retain their financial and editorial independence and to create a more open and accountable Internet. In addition, offering an active podcast with daily crypto-related discussion. Adding Defi and multiple utilities to TCS token for our readers

Q2 2022

Core idea development
Market Research
Building newspaper
Getting massive audience
Launching Youtube channel for educational purposes Concept introduction
Brand awareness
Launch TCS token
Introduction of dividends earnings
Growing the community
Building virtual office Beta version
KYC verification from top notch company
Launching TCS Store ( mining equipment , gaming devices ) and TCS token payment implementation
Mobile application development
Launchpad development ( IDO,IEO,ICO by TCS token )
Deploying Dex ( liquidity provider , simple staking and multiple pools )
Smart Contract Audit from Certik
Listing on first exchange
Ambassador program
Approaching advanced strategic partnership
Token as a way of payment ( publisher , advertisers )
Cross Chain implementation
Launching virtual offices

Q3 2023

Launch TCS Academy and learning tools
Developing The Crypto Star Metaverse news dimension ( surf the news using a VR device ) Read-To-Earn model demo update
Launch Node As A Service DeFi platform
NFT marketplace for TCS token ( Unique News As NFT ) and NFT rewards for TCS holders Deploying Read-To-Earn on mainet
Further gaming development plan